jeudi, mars 29, 2007

Prospero never knew winter (Poem Version)

For a school assignment I had to write a poem. And as I am ridiculously lazy right now I just decided I'd turn the first short-short story of this blog into a poem.

‘Twas a nice day today
The sun gave me heart attacks
But I felt ok otherwise.

Light Therapy.

No one was around but the sun
And an old man raking leaves
In the Desert of Suburbia.

The first snow day had passed
Not too long ago
But the snow had failed covering the grass
Although fall was gone already

No more orange leaves, no Halloween, no nothing
But the grass
So lively under the snow,
So crisp under my feet

Then it hit me.

Across the empty park,
I was surviving the immobility
Escaping the frozen time

And then I thought that
If The Prince had ever felt that alive
His quest would have been futile

I purposely paused, then kept going

And I knew it was going to be a good winter.