jeudi, novembre 23, 2006

The Queen's Burden

There was a day when I was the Queen.

You know, when you feel like there's a halo of light all around you when you walk and you can feel yourself smiling without any particular reason? When it seems like the doors open themselves ahead of you and people stare in surprise at your passage because you shine all over them and they can feel their faces warm up as you glance back at them?

Maybe you never felt that way. That's probably because you are royalty too. Usually, you never realise you are before it's gone.

Some day, I came back to my kingdom but instead of graciously stepping into my domain, I solidly banged my nose against the gate. I don't know how it happened exactly, but the next thing I knew is that all I had to offer to the people I met was a cold hand and a nosebleed. And passerbys would look at me without even pity. They just wouldn't see me at all. It was god damn hard and it lasted a long while. Long enough so I would forget how it felt being warm.

But I never got used to being cold.

I was strolling on my own when I saw the King. I did not recognize him in the first place. Maybe it's because he was followed by all sorts of people I didn't know. Maybe it's because there was a Queen at his arm whose face I never saw before. Maybe I was the one who was different... Anyways, he went to me and smiled... and deep inside me I felt that for half a split-second he did not only glow back. He actually saw me.

Don't get me wrong: no, that did not turn me back instantly into the queen I was. Not even on a long-term basis. But my hands felt just a little warmer... so I could start opening doors for myself.

So to all the kings and queens of this world, I ask you, I beg you: shine back.

It's your burden as royalty.


Anonymous Anonyme said...

Again, a story which touches ones openness of spirit. What I can keep in this story for myself is simply this : You never know when a simple smile towards someone you don't know, will either save that persons life, or dam it. It touches the feeling of isolation you get when you're in a crowd, even you're surrounded by fellow human beings, you are alone, utherly. If every one wuld only mind the people who surround them on a day to day basis, I guess we would have all together DIFFERENT and more interresting lives! I guess your story also touches a number of possiblities on your own personnal level, but I guess only you can know what! ;)


26 novembre, 2006  

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